Royal & Gladys Cross

Royal Cross moved his family to Mt. Shasta in 1946 and, together with his wife Gladys, purchased the Mt. Shasta Texaco Consigneeship in 1961. The business, Roy Cross Texaco Consignee, was formed. Roy delivered Texaco gasoline, diesel, heating oil and lubricants to Siskiyou County on a commission basis for Texaco, Incorporated. In 1968 Roy was converted to a Wholesale Distributor of diesel and heating oil.

When Roy passed away in 1971, Dennis and Jim, under the watchful eye of their mother Gladys, continued to learn about the petroleum industry from the ground up. Dennis and Jim purchased the business from Gladys in 1972 and formed the California Corporation, Cross Petroleum. In 1973 Cross Petroleum became full line Wholesale Distributor of Texaco products, purchasing the inventory, equipment, supply and distribution assets of Texaco in Siskiyou County. This was a meaningful event for the company because now they could set their own margins on the products they bought and resold.

Roy started with two small tank wagon trucks; today Cross Petroleum’s daily distribution surpasses the annual volume of those beginning years, covering a marketing area from Yolo County to the Oregon border. Cross Petroleum has enjoyed a steady growth that started with the purchase of the Mobil Oil wholesaler in Yreka in 1979, followed in 1984 when it became the Chevron Wholesaler for Etna, Yreka and Happy Camp area. The Redding and Weaverville Chevron Wholesaler was purchased in 1989, the Exxon brand was added in 1990 and a Texaco Wholesaler was purchased in Chico in 1994. This expanded market area with multiple suppliers facilitated rapid growth and smoothed the extreme business spikes experienced in Siskiyou County.

In the first decade of the 2000’s our company stayed on a focus of growth and securing our volume by developing the retail aspect of our business at one time operating 15 retail locations. Looking to take advantage and service all the needs of our retail customers the company expanded and invested in D & J Maintenance Company, a new corporation that provides environmental testing and compliance assistance to service station owners. They are also a service company for service station equipment. In 2011 Cross Petroleum purchased the assets of Franks Fuel and Siskiyou Petroleum, this resulted in significant growth in our Home heating fuel distribution in the north and adding a sales and service division for the kerosene heaters.

At the end of 2012, Cross Petroleum and associated business entities include four distribution centers, five standalone card-locks, thirteen retail service stations, and two maintenance companies.

Since the company’s inception, it has been driven by the mantra of maintaining the highest personal and business integrity. Control of your family and your future can only be secured by hard work and dedication to your own business. Only in a family owned business can the future generations benefit from and enjoy the fruits of past generations. Our greatest strength is our family commitment to this company; it is also a weakness. As the company continues to grow so does our need for specialized management skills. These skills are not always present through the family employee. The responsibility to recognize the short fall of certain skills is always a challenge. However, Cross Petroleum strives to continually review their business model and identify new demands and skills not only required by their customers, but also, by the company.

Cross Petroleum has had the ability to navigate the ever- changing tides of the petroleum industry. We have survived the Oil embargo, the Valdez incident, the Gulf war, Opec, and the Spotted Owl. To achieve this we changed our focus from commercial customers (75% of our base) in the 70’s to retail (70% of our base) in the 90’s. In the late 90’s we secured our volume base at retail by acquiring nine open dealer retail units that accounted for 70% of our retail gallons. Late 2011 we purchased our main competitor in the home heating fuel aspect of our business, which brought many new customers and greatly expanded our home monitor stove service department. Our new challenge is to stay ahead of both State and Federal regulations, to strive to keep the company in the best position to adapt and change.